Health and Nutrition During (COVID-19)

health and nutrition during (covid-19)

Health and Nutrition during (COVID-19) is very important. What everyone in the world is facing makes us live in doubt, we are all looking for ways to help support each other. Below i have put some steps that i think will help us with health and nutrition during COVID-19. Social distancing has been deemed important because COVID-19 is spreading from person-to-person through direct close contact with a person.

The pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives, from virtual classrooms to telecommuting to early restaurant closing times to outright quarantines. Observing public health measures and reducing exposure to the virus are required to slow the spread of this disease. No one knows how long these virus safety measures will need to stay in place, but it presents a perfect time to protect and improve your health while practicing social distancing. Healthy eating is especially important for keeping your immune system in top condition. Here are some steps you can take to keep up with health and nutrition during (COVID-19).

Steps to take to stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic

  1. Minimise trips to the grocery stores and eat healthy

    Before you shop for the coronavirus preparations….

    Plan ahead: I like to visualise my meals for the next 4-5 days before i shop for them.This includes breakfast,lunch and dinner.Consider the foods your family likes, your food preparation methods, interests and skills, and the time and energy you will have for preparing meals.

    The grocery store is one of the places that you can still go to but just be strategic. Reduce the frequency of your trips, and this is where meal preps come in. Also, try going to the store when you suspect less people will be shopping. This could be late at night or early in the morning.

    Make sure to thoroughly wash fruits and veggies after you buy them, and wash your hands after touching boxes and before eating.
health and nutrtion during covid-19
Meal Prep

2.Order food to go at restaurants

If you want take-out meals, get them to go home and eat it whilst it is still hot.Store leftovers safely—wrap tightly and refrigerate any dishes with meat, fish, poultry, or dairy products—be sure to re-heat these leftovers thoroughly before eating.

Try to see a positive side in the midst of all the chaos and make eating together at home a positive experience

Whether the food is homemade or takeout, eating more meals at home is a new routine for many families. Keep the stress down by making mealtime fun.

  • Get the family involved—you have kids?, great! They can help set the table, pour the water, make the salad, or grate the cheese. Make mealtimes a family affair.
  • Try some new recipes – There are lots of great recipes on the internet! Look for those that call for only a few ingredients and use common kitchen tools.This is the time to make that homemade pizza you always wanted to try or make pasta from scratch. You might discover some hidden talents in the process. Try some of our smoothie recipes
  • Reconnect with the family—Good time to eat together at the table or spread a blanket on the floor and have an indoor picnic. Be sure to separate mealtime and TV time—watching while eating makes it too easy to pay attention to TV and not your food, so you are likely to overeat. Wonder what to talk about at mealtime? Chat about things you will do in the nest coming days, weeks, years, tell jokes—just keep the conversation upbeat and fun.


3. Think Positive! Mindset is vital to getting through this pandemic physically and mentally healthy.

health and nutrition covid-19

During a pandemic, you find that a lot of people panic and levels of anxiety are higher than usual.

  • Practice positive stress management strategies. This can be done by walking the dog, calling a friend, soaking in the tub, or cuddling your kids. Skip the alcohol, and drugs.
  • Stick with your routine as much as you can. Go to bed and get up in the morning on your usual schedule. Eat meals at regular times. Find ways to exercise away from the gym—do yoga in the living room, organise your home workspace, have a scavenger hunt in the backyard with your kids, or just toss a ball or play tag as a family.
  • Manage boredom. Stay busy and engaged—resist hanging around the fridge or mindlessly watching TV. Enjoy your hobbies, read, cook, make videos with your kids, start a scrapbook, help your kids with their virtual schoolwork, and stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues.

When you do go out, wash your hands with soap before you leave home and as soon as you return. And use sanitizer.

Have a dry cough? Feeling feverish?  Hard time breathing? Don’t hesitate to reach out to your health care provider for further instructions.

We are all in facing this together. Let’s make the most of it to come out stronger and wiser and ready to enjoy all the wonderful times to come!

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