How to Prepare a Delicious Smoothie (In 5 Easy Steps)

smoothie preparation in 5 steps

Healthy smoothies are one of the simplest ways to support our natural ability to cleanse and detox our body. They are the easy-to-make, taste great, and are loaded with the essential nutrition that our body doesn’t get much. We have to be open, everyone loves juicing but nothing beats the versatility of healthy smoothies.

Delicious and refreshing, smoothies are a healthy boost of energy. Because of our busy daily life, many of us can’t take a proper portion of fruits and veggies to meet our recommended daily requirements. Not having enough nutrition can become a hindrance in our healthy life, so having a nice, happy and full-filling healthy glass of smoothie will do wonders for you.

Have a happy and healthy smoothie glass, made with any type of fruits and veggies you can think of. You can take a healthy smoothie glass, made of your favorite fruit or veggie and in your breakfast to start your healthy day or you can take it in snack time; any way you prefer.


How to prepare a delicious, happy and healthy glass of smoothie?

Smoothies are a staple among health junkies, and let’s be honest we all agree on one thing; they are ridiculously easy to make, with a full culmination of veggies, they make you feel like a pro when you whip up a scrumptious combo. Healthy smoothies can be rich in proteins, fibers and are low in fats, depending on the ingredients you use.


Method to prepare your happy and healthy glass of smoothie


1. Get a good blender blender

To get your hands on a perfectly home-made smoothie, just grab a cheap, eco and family-friendly all-purpose blender. It just needs to be efficient enough to perfectly blend your ingredients smoothly.


2. Pick a smoothie recipe

Determine the recipe you would like to make based on your purpose. Are you on a diet, looking to lose weight and in need of a meal replacement? Or you struggling to get more greens into your diet or protein after a workout, or simply looking to make a delicious dessert recipe or a tasty snack? A good recipe will enlighten you to the wonders of what Smoothie has to offer. You can check our smoothie recipes here and pick a recipe depending on your choice.


3. The perfect blend of ingredients

The next step is to add about three-quarters of your chosen fruits juice in a blender. You may have to add more fruit or liquid, depending on the type of fruit you choose. You can add yogurt, milk, and other nutritious ingredients. Add honey, maple syrup, or agave to sweeten your smoothie.


4. Extra ingredients to increase more deliciousness

Try to add different flavors to your smoothie to make a happy and healthy glass of smoothie. You can add hazelnut, coca-powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla essence before blending. You can sprinkle flaxseeds, chopped nuts, whole oats, and crushed coconut to give texture to your smoothie. You make your smoothie healthier by adding some proteins like protein powder, peanut butter, and greek yogurt. This type of smoothie can help jumpstart your day so can take it as a breakfast protein smoothie.


5. And finally, blend it all

Add all the ingredients in the blender and blend until it has the texture which you desire. In the end, you may add ice cubes for a frosty smoothie. Enjoy the perfection that you have just obtained and live a healthy smoothie lifestyle.


Some suggestions to better your smoothie experience


Freeze your smoothie fruits or veggies

It is a great idea to freeze your fruits as this will not only maintain the nutritional value of the fruits but also make your smoothie more chilled. No need for ice cubes when you got yourself an already chilled smoothie!


A healthier smoothie suggestion

If you have not ever tried a smoothie made from the mixture of fruits and veggies so what are you still waiting for? Try it now to embark yourself on a healthier journey.

The sweetness of fruits when blending in the veggies will make a happy and healthy glass of smoothie. A full nutritional drink you will ever see.


Nutritional health benefits of a happy and healthy glass of smoothie

  • A healthy glass of smoothie helps you in losing your weight. As in fruits or veggies, certain types of enzymes are present which help in dissolving body fats.
  • Smoothies help in preventing dehydration in hot summers. As water is the most abundant nutrient in your body so a smoothie will provide you enough water.
  • Smoothies make you feel full. People who are on dieting and usually skips meals this is the ideal drink for them.
  • Smoothie supplies your body with the right fuel for more energy in the short and long term
  • Green smoothies containing lots of minerals and vitamins help in aiding digestion or boost up the metabolism.
  • Smoothies enhance your immunity. The natural ingredients contain such type of nutrients like beta carotene which boost your immunity.
  • Smoothies are beneficial for your healthy skin. The natural fruits or veggies like apple, mango, pumpkin, and beetroot help your skin glowing in summers.
  • Smoothies help in detoxifies your body. The ingredients like garlic, papaya, and beets help in cleansing your blood.
  • Smoothies help in fighting against depression and reducing heart diseases, cancer, mood swings.



Healthy smoothies having nutritional values are always a better option than other drinks when it comes to your health benefits. Many people, including me, find creating smoothies to be enjoyable. You can think of yourself as a modern-day alchemist mixing and matching various smoothie ingredients and it is fun indeed. So try your healthy smoothies’ recipe this summer.


Nutritious smoothie combination ideas

You can be your own master chef and make your own flavors, only once when you get the hang of mixing flavors. Feel free to make up your own blends to suit your tastes and health goals. Here are some nutritious and delicious smoothie combination ideas for you:

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